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Tinting your windows is ideal for creating privacy for your vehicle and increasing your personal security.

With our high quality tints we can provide many benefits such as heat reduction, thermal insulation, glare reduction and protection for your upholstery against sun damage.

Ask us about our range of tints that we guarantee to be durable and long lasting.




Want your vehicle to be completely unique and personalised to you?

​Then a colour change will be a perfect option. With a huge variety of different coloured vinyls and finishes such as gloss, matt and many more, we can change your vehicle in a quick, easy and more

cost-effective way than re-spraying. 

Our high quality materials will protect your paintwork against stone chips, minor abrasions, effects of weathering and can be removed at any time returning your exterior to the original condition. 

Want to make your vehicle look fantastic but not after a drastic change?

Detailing can be very effect by wrapping certain parts of the vehicle such as the trim, the roof or many other features.

With a large variety of different coloured and textured vinyls to choose from, you can enhance the look of your vehicle very easily making it look more expensive and unique.

​You can guarantee your vehicle will stand out from the crowd.

It isn't just the exterior of vehicles we can be creative with. 

Enhance parts of your interior and special features that you would like to highlight with bespoke detailing providing a stylish and luxury feel to your vehicle. 

As well as giving you a unique look, wrapping interior parts can protect it from exposure to wear, dust, uv rays, excessive sun and many more factors that will effect the original state. 

Choose from a variety of textures and finishes including the popular carbon fibre.